Empathy Class

Hello Empathy Class! Hope you are all well and managing your time during the lockdown. It's been really great to be able to catch up with you over the phone and find out about the some of the fantastic learning that you have been doing at home.
We will keep the website updated with links and ideas for home schooling so check back in regularly. You can also get in contact with us via email if you have any questions.

Speak to you all again soon!

Mr Velagapudi

Class Blog

Try out these art activities!

Martin Luther King and his fight against racial inequality

Journalist Martin Bashir gives a very personal history lesson as he reveals why Martin Luther King Jnr is his hero and why we can all learn from his fight against racial inequality.

Minecraft coding

Try out these awesome Minecraft coding challenges!

Celebrity Supply Teacher!

Manchester United and England superstar Marcus Rashford delivers a stretch and warm-up routine designed to get fans ready for a big game or sporting event.

RM Maths Competition!

Who are the winners?

Bug Club Competition

Don't forget!

Bug Club Competition

Another opportunity to win shillings and house points!

Coding and ICT

RM Maths Competition!

Find out who is in the top 10

More Music Choices

Music lessons

Do you miss music? Follow the link for fun music lessons

How many sides has this shape?

RM Maths Competition

Winners over half term

Welcome Back!

The present

Check out this amazing short film by Pixar

RM Maths

Hello Empathy Class! Remember that RM activity will earn you shillings so login and increase your activity!

Show Kindness.

It Mental Health Awareness Week!

Happy Wednesday!

Well Done to Stephen! Who knew that a Nonagon has 9 sides.

RM Maths Competition!

Happy Monday

Answers to yesterday's questions.

Question Time

Can you answer these questions about Treasure Island?

Story Time

Hello Empathy Class. Watch this story. I will ask questions about this on Friday.

Draw with Rob

Have a go at these draw-along videos

Fun Maths

Good Morning Empathy Class. An activity for today.

Thursdays Puzzle

Hello Empathy Class. Did anyone manage to solve it?

Maths Riddle

Good Morning Empathy. Can you solve it?

Couting Bugs

Counting Bugs

Fun Maths

Good Day Empathy Class. Have a go at these.

Scratch 2 and Scratch Jnr

Happy Monday Empathy Class!

The Pig of Happiness

Friday philosophy

Mr Michael in the Zone

Here I am!

Make your own stage!

BBC Bitesize daily lessons

Fancy being taught a science lesson science by Sir David Attenborough?