Governor Disclosure and Interests

Current Governors of Beormund Primary School

Name   Start Date End Date Type of Governor Voting Rights Committee
John Guest Chair 07/07/14 06/07/18 Co-opted Yes Resources
Dick Cooper Vice Chair 19/10/13 18/10/17 Authority Yes Chair – Resources
Omolara Daniel   23/11/16 22/11/20 Parent Yes Curriculum
Carolyn Robertson        Parent Yes Curriculum
Shirley Armer   14/07/16 13/07/20 Staff Yes Curriculum
Lisa Butcher Headteacher 01/09/17 31/08/01 Headteacher Yes Resources
Sam Adams   27/03/17 26/03/01 Community  Yes Curriculum
Lucy Hodgson         Yes Resources
Polly Walker         Yes Curriculum
Mike Jones         Yes Curriculum

Register of Business (or Pecuniary) Interests 2017-18

Name of Governor Nature of Business Date
Dick Cooper Nil 20/11/17
John Guest Nil  20/11/17
Shirley Armer Nil 20/11/17
Lisa Butcher Nil 20/11/17
Sam Adams  Nil 20/11/17
Omolara Daniel Nil 20/11/17
Nikhil Shah Nil 20/11/17
Lucy Hodgson Nil 20/11/17
Rachel Vikentiou Nil 20/11/17