Lockdown Art Gallery

An amazing rainbow created by Zak, showing support for the NHS workers. Well done Zak!



Dylan's amazing emojis.

Amazing emojis created by Dylan, he has used these emojis to illustrate his writing. How do you feel right now? What emoji would you use to show your feelings? 


Dylan has shared his excellent colouring in. Well done Dylan!

Please email your own colouring in, this will be uploaded on the Lockdown Art Gallery page! Speak to your teacher about how you can send in your art work. 


Miss Smits painted a watercolour picture of her favourite animal. Have you made artworks during lockdown? It would be great to see them! Email them to Miss Smits: integrityclass@beormund.southwark.sch.uk 


Janeiro has been creative during lockdown. Look at his amazing colouring in, well done!


Miss Abena, Miss Smits and Ollie had a great Zoom session inspired by his pet parrot, Peanut. I challenged them to make an artwork to go on this gallery page. Can you make an artwork of a ringneck parrot too? Miss Smits made a watercolour of a ringneck parrot, this one is called Biscuit!


This artwork was created by Dylan and Miss Abena online using Paint, over Zoom. Have you tried to make digital art? 


WOW! Check out the latest artwork for our online gallery by Naomi, well done! This is an excellent picture, who else has done a drawing of food?



Look at this AMAZING photography series by Ollie. These photos are so wonderful to look at, the use of colour is excellent, well done Ollie, you are a great photographer. 

Who else has tried photography? There are a lot of things to think about when you take a photo, including colour, composition, lines, patterns, lighting and space. You can also edit the photos afterwards to change the effects.

Send in your favourite photos for the gallery too!

Finlay has been working hard, creating his own trainer design. The colours and style are amazing! Make sure you share your amazing art, so we can celebrate it on this Lockdown Gallery!

Wow! Look at the MUGA ((Multi-Use Games Area), it is going through a massive change! The children onsite are working on creating a large mural using spray paint. Once the background has been completed, it will be layered with images, words, and patterns. There is a lot going on in the world at the moment. This wall is a space where the children can respond creatively.