One of the main focuses of the school this year is maths, trying to raise its profile within the school and as a result accelerating the levels of progress of the children. To start things off, Number Wizard has been introduced to the school. The aim of this is to improve children’s knowledge of number bonds, times tables and related division facts progressing through different levels, earning certificates, stickers and bronze, silver and gold badges along the way. These along with the RM Maths certificate will be presented to the children during Friday’s Achievement Assembly. At the back of the assembly room a display to promote number wizard and RM maths has also been developed. We have had a staff meeting to introduce the new Southwark Mental Calculation Strategies and to look at strategies and resources we could use to help teach number bonds, times tables and division facts to the children. I would also like to plan a coffee morning this term with parents to help them teach the Number Wizard objectives through games that they can play with their children.

       We have several displays emphasising Number Wizard and another for RM maths as well as continuing to hand out certificates during achievement assembly. We have also analysed data looking at points of progress and identifying children that require extra support. We found that all children’s levels have either stayed the same or have made progress from the Summer to Autumn term. On the assessment sheets all children have made progress as new statements have been highlighted. There was also a lack of evidence in books for statements to be highlighted, often this is because they have not been covered in class.

        We have been creating a collection of Using and Applying problems for teachers to use and I will be looking for a staff meeting to staff teach these types of problems. A display has also been created with problems and investigations for children to do. The problem and support materials have been given to teachers so they can support the children during ‘Get Busy Time’.