Beormund Online Workout

Welcome to Beormund Online Workout. (B.O.W)

We all know the importance of staying active in body and mind. With B.O.W we aim to provide you with some added tools that you can use to help improve your physical wellbeing.

The better you feel in your body, the better you will feel in your mind and spirit.


This course has been designed for you. As a member of the Beormund community, whatever your level of fitness, you will find something here that you can enjoy and develop.

As with anything, SAFETY FIRST. If you are a child, please let a responsible adult know that you are taking part in this and let them help you in setting up if need be.

DISCLAIMER: There is an element of risk attached to any and every physical activity. You do so at your own risk.

What you will need for all exercises


We have split the exercises into their main categories. There are however, areas where they crossover.

Before and after an exercises session, it is important that you warm up and warm down.

This helps to reduce the risk of injury. Please listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, stop.

Warm Up

Suggested workout

Step 1. Pick 5 different exercises from below

Step 2. Depending on your level, do each exercise for either 15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds each.

Step 3. Repeat for 2-4 sets.

As you get stronger and fitter, you can increase the ammount of time that you do each exercise. 

You can also increase and vary the exercises that you do from the list below.

Fat Burn


Jumping Jacks

Primary areas trained: Fat burn

Main Benefits: Fat burn, co-ordination, stamina

Things to remember: Find the rhythm of the jump



Primary areas trained: Calves, fat burn

Main Benefits: Fat burn, co-ordination, stamina

Things to remember: Take your time and try not to waste too much energy by jumping too high. Find your rhythm and have fun.

High Knees

Primary areas trained: Quads, calves, core, fat burn

Main Benefits: You will feel the effects and see the results if you are consistent with this.

Things to remember: Relax. Keep an upright posture and a firm core. Pump your arms in tandom with your legs.


Heel flicks


Primary areas trained: Hamstrings, fat burn

Main Benefits: Can be used as a dynamic warm

Things to remember: Keep an upright posture and a firm core


Tuck Jumps

Primary areas trained: Glutes, quads, calves, core

Main Benefits: This exercise does it all, It can be used as a warm up, strength training and or fat burning activity.

Things to remember: Keep an upright posture and a firm core. Try and land lightly on your toes.



Primary areas trained: Full body, fat burn

Main Benefits: This exercise does it all, It can be used as a warm up, strength training and or fat burning activity.

Things to remember: Concentrate on getting the correct tecqnique first then build from there.


Upper Body


Primary areas trained: Chest, shoulders, back, triceps, core

Main Benefits: You can target most areas in the upper body in one form or another. You can build strenght and burn fat.

Things to remember: It“s all about technique. Keep your core tight and remember to fully extend your arms at the top of the movement. The lower you go, the better.


Tricep dips

Primary areas trained: Triceps, shoulders, back

Things to remember: Make sure your“re not straining your wrists. Remember to have your fingers hanging off the edge of whatever you are using.



Vertical jumps

Primary areas trained: Calves, core

Main Benefits: This is a great dynamic workout. It will raise your blood flow, burn fat and build fast twitch muscles in your legs. Excellent for sprinting.

Things to remember: Try and land and take off on your toes. Be gentle in your landing and explosive in your take off


Lunges (Static and dynamic)

Primary areas trained: Quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, core

Main Benefits: If done correctly, you can really isolate individual muscle groups and target key areas. As well as building strenghth and muscle, you can turn this into a fat burning exercise by increasing the intensity.

Things to remember: Point both sets of toes in the same forward facing direction. Keep your core tight and your head up.


Squats (Static and dynamic)

Primary areas trained: Quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, core

Main Benefits: Some of the biggest muscles in the human body are found in your legs. A strong foundation is always good.

Things to remember: You don“t want any injuries. Maintain the correct posture and keep your head up.


Core #1

Primary areas trained: Core

Main Benefits: Every exercise that you do requires a stable core. A strong core will help you in all areas.

Things to remember: Take your time and try not to waste too much energy by jumping too high. Find your rhythm and have fun.


Once you have completed your workout, repeat your warm up stretches and allow your body to cool.

It is normal to feel aches after working out, but again, please be aware of your own body and how it reacts.

Take your time when learning a new exercise and set yourself achievable challenges. 

Don“t give up and have fun!