Perseverance Class

All the adults in your staff team are missing you and the way you always manage to make us smile. Keep up your hard work at home, both online learning and in your books, and remember you can earn shillings for the work you do.

We have been thinking of some fun activities that you can do at home and also some learning that you can share with your families. Sometimes there will even be challenges where you can comment with the correct answer and earn bonus house points! Make sure you check this page regularly so you don’t miss out.

If you want to send the class team any of your work, ask us questions or just say hi, you can use the email address below.

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  • Secondary school part 4

    Hear different people's favourite things about secondary school

    Secondary school part 3

    Let's get our heads around lessons and classwork today

    Secondary school part 2

    Today let's hear from a year 7 child about their experiences

    Secondary school- part 1

    Let's see what a secondary school teacher has to say about starting secondary school

    The heart

    Let's learn about the heart

    Book mark making

    Make your own Harry Potter inspired bookmark


    Try this short, calming mindfulness activity

    Jigsaw Puzzles

    Try some fun history based puzzles

    Free audio books

    Curl up with a good (audio) book


    Watch this video and think about the friendships you see


    I love pizza. Follow this recipe to make your own pizza at home

    Maths challenge- four triangles puzzle

    Have a go at this maths challenge

    Science- how much do you know about the body?

    Try this quiz to test your knowledge about the body and how it works

    Let's learn about pulse and rhythm

    Follow the link to learn more about pulse and rhythm

    Sock ladder challenge

    Have a go at this fun PE challenge

    How to pronounce new words

    Use your phonics to help you to pronounce new words.


    Take some time to calm your mind, peace out and feel relaxed

    Times tables practice

    Try this game to practice your times tables knowledge

    How much do you know about hygiene?

    Test your knowledge

    Do you want to be an author?

    Check out today's blog for top tips from a famous author

    Emoji maths

    Try to solve this emoji maths challenge

    Reading game

    Try this game for some comprehension questions

    Pokemon Yoga

    Love Pokemon? Want to keep fit? Give this a go

    RM Maths Competition!

    Who are the winners?

    Bug Club Competition

    Don't forget!

    What is happening here?

    Have a look at the picture and let me know what you think.

    Philosophy Friday

    Another short video to get you thinking

    Bug Club Competition

    Another opportunity to win shillings and house points!

    Body percussion challenge

    Have a go at this musical challenge using your body

    Matisse- let's learn about an artist

    Let's learn about the artist Matisse and then have a go at creating an art work inspired by him.

    Could you be an astronaut?

    Some fun activities to get you training for a future in space!

    RM Maths Competition!

    Find out who is in the top 10

    Maths games

    Have a go at this super fun maths games

    Food chains

    Let's learn a bit more about food chains

    Music lessons

    Are you missing music? Follow the link to fun lessons

    WW2 quiz

    How much can you remember from our first topic of the year?

    PE challenge

    Have a go at this challenge at home

    Online library access

    Did you know you can borrow ebooks and audiobooks from the library with your library card?

    English game

    A fun game to explore your spelling, punctuation and grammar

    RM Maths Competition

    Winners over half term

    Maths quiz

    Follow the link to complete the quiz, then tell me your score

    Visit the British Museum

    Go on a virtual tour around the British Museum

    Tour Stonehenge

    Use this interactive tool to learn more about Stonehenge

    Visit an Aquarium

    Tour the amazing Baltimore aquarium

    The Van Gogh Museum

    Explore the Van Gogh Museum

    Explore Edinburgh Castle

    Let's take a look round the castle

    Spelling practice game

    Have a go at this fun game where you have to look at the letters on the board and see if you can find words.

    Cooking- making a sweet, healthy treat

    Have a go at this recipe, it's one of my favourites for a healthy snack

    RE- Ramadan

    Home learning

    Check out some of the amazing home learning a member of Perseverance class has been doing.

    RM Maths Competition!

    Daily PE

    A daily workout to keep you active

    Mental Health awareness week

    Let's learn about mental health awareness week and this years theme of kindness

    Fractions, decimals and percentages game

    An online game where you can test your knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages

    How to draw animals

    A YouTube video explaining how to draw different animals with a step y step guide

    Spot the difference

    A spot the difference challenge looking at a map of the tube.

    Harry Potter inspired bonus tasks

    Try these tasks based around the chapter that was posted on the blog yesterday

    Harry Potter read to you

    Do you love Harry Potter as much as I do? Different celebrities are reading a chapter each week.

    Mental health and Mindfulness

    A website with tips and helpful advice

    Reach 100

    A maths challenge for you to have a go at. Can you work out which numbers work in the four boxes?

    Philosophy Friday

    A video to watch to get you thinking

    PE - Two foot jumping challenge

    Place a book on the floor to jump over, from side to side. Set a twenty seconds timer then count how many jumps you can do in this time without touching the book you placed on the floor.

    Making musical memories

    Bouncy Egg Experiment

    A fun experiment to try at home

    The thoughtful frog

    The Globe

    Geography work about our world


    A short poem to entertain you

    The Cutty Sark

    Try out these quick reading comprehension questions

    Science time- animals

    Yoga time

    Would you be a doctor?

    Times tables challenge


    A writing challenge to get you thinking about what your superpower would be if you were a superhero!