Physical Education

         The sports department at Beormund has made some very positive changes this school year. As a school we are working alongside Glyn Davies from London PE & School Sports Network, who has implemented a Physical Education program twice a week. We have also changed our swimming program to ASA, where we have grouped the students into abilities and we are monitoring their progress and moving them between groups as they are developing. Through the support we are receiving from Glyn it provides us with access to two extra coaches and also supporting us in our breaks by setting up an activity for the students when here during break time. Beormund was also invited to the SEN Sports Festival at the end first half term where we took 12 students of all levels and interests in sports. It was a very successful day and the students very much enjoyed seated volleyball, we look forward to attending more of these events. In the next few weeks the some students will be attending some inter-school competitions and continuing to develop their skills in sportsmanship and fair play. As a school we look forward to seeing our sports program develop over the year, while working with the London PE and School Sports Network.
        Through Glyn we have attended another SEN Sport Day; where the students learn  Boccia which was very successful and Beormund placed 2nd in the final. We plan to continue to attend more of these events in the future. The PE Team have attended a Professional Development Day on  SEN Inclusion within PE and have implemented some of these activities both during Get Busy and break times.  As the sport team we are very excited to continue to see the enthusiasm from our students towards PE and swimming and look forward to the summer sports.  

Sports dates