Resilience Class

Hello Resilience Class,

We hope you are all well and keeping safe.  It is very strange not being in school and you have all had to change the way you learn so we wanted to take this opportunity to say well done.

We know this is a difficult time for everyone and lots of you are missing school and your friends. We are missing you too, especially our morning munch discussions.  It has been lovely to speak to most of you each week and hear about all the home learning you have been doing.  We have been particularly impressed with those of you who have been helping around the house and cooking!   

Here is a reminder of what you can do at home to earn shillings:

  • RM Maths
  • Education City
  • Active Learn – please answer the questions as well
  • 2 pages of each of your workbooks
  • PE
  • Any additional writing or maths
  • Completing an activity on the class blog
  • Art
  • Helping around the house and cooking
  • Extra learning

Each day your parent will receive a text to update them on the online learning you have done.  On Friday, your total shillings earned will be calculated with bonuses for extra effort with learning.  There will also be a Head Teacher award given out each week to one child from the class, this will be announced on Twitter (on Beormund School Website).

Some of you have been sent an updated timetable to help you organise your home learning, we hope you found this useful.

We are aware and understand that you may have some difficult days where you complete less academic learning.  For these difficult times, we suggest trying some of the mindfulness activities in class blog and helping around the house.  You could also discuss this during our telephone conversations. 

If you have any questions or would like to send in a photo of your home learning, please use the class email address below.

Best wishes.

Class Blog

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  • Mindfulness (1)
  • Falling Apples by Sir Glyn

    Do you remember Sir Glyn from PE and swimming at school? You can try his falling apples challenge - you will need a partner.

    Religious Education: Shavuot

    Shavuot is a Jewish Festival, being celebrated this year on Thursday 28th May to Saturday 30th May. This festival celebrates the day when God gave the Torah to the people of Israel. Learn more about this festival by watching the video.

    Music: What are pulse and rhythm?

    It's been a while since we've been able to have a singing assembly or music lesson. Head over to the BBC Bitesize website to learn more about key elements of music.

    Music: Duration and Tempo

    Head over to the BBC Bitesize website to learn what duration and tempo are. Then comment below explaining what you have learnt and tell us what music you have been listening to at home.

    What is a preposition?

    Please try all three activities on prepositions then write some examples in sentences.

    Recipe for kindness

    What could the ingredients and method be?

    Try a little kindness

    There are so many ways to show kindness. This book shares different ways to be a good person, like holding the door open for someone, helping without being asked, praise someone for their work and so on. The best thing is, when you are kind, you feel so special inside. Please comment on at least one way you could show kindness today.

    Zoom Learning Sessions: First Session Friday 22nd May 11am

    Sir Jamin and I will be hosting Zoom sessions. This will be an oppotunity for you to catch up and stay connected with your classmates, as well as joining in with online learning.

    Music: Israel Kamakawiwoʻole and Hawiian folk music

    Israel Kamakawiwoʻole was an Hawaiian musician, who was famous for singing traditional Hawaiian folk songs and pop music with his ukulele. He was born on this day in 1959. Have a listen to his music and comment below.

    Showing Kindness

    How can you show kindness?

    Arts and craft

    Have you been doing arts and craft at home? Do you find it relaxing? Please share your ideas and photos with us.

    RM Maths Competition!

    What's Cooking?

    One of our class has made a cake!

    PSHE: Mental Health Awareness Week

    This week is mental health awareness week. This years theme is kindness. Comment below listing five ways you can show kindness to others during lockdown. Then listen to this story about kindness, maybe even watch the video with someone at home.

    PSHE: Mental Health Awareness Week

    Next week is mental health awareness week. Watch the video to learn more about mental health and then comment below explaining why you think it's important to look after your mental health.


    Try some of these.


    To get your spelling words: 1. Click on a year group 2. Click a bird box 3. Click go

    PSHE: International Nurse's Day 2020

    Yesterday was international nurse's day. Every year on the 12th of May people all over the world applaud the hard work of nurse's and medical staff. This date was chosen because a famous nurse was born on this day. Can you find out who this was and comment below?

    Rounding Numbers - Rocket Rounding

    Try rounding numbers to the nearest 10 or 100. You could also try rounding decimals to the nearest whole number. Also, you could challenge yourself to rounding numbers without the number line. Please comment to share what you did and your score.

    What's cooking?

    Hello everyone. Have you been preparing delicious food at home during this lockdown? If yes, please share some of your photos and the recipe.


    The United Kingdom is made up of four different countries. Draw the UK then annotate it or use a key to show important information. Can you name the First Minister and their country? Take a picture of your work then send it in using the class email address above.

    VE Day

    PE - Two foot jumping challenge

    Place a book on the floor to jump over, from side to side. Set a twenty seconds timer then count how many jumps you can do in this time without touching the book you placed on the floor. Please let us know how you got on.

    Religious Education: Ramadan & Eid

    Muslims around the world, including some of your school friends are currently celebrating the Islamic festival of Ramadan & Eid. During this time people fast from sunrise to sunset. Learn more about this festival by watching the video below.

    Science - separating mixtures

    What is a solution? What is the best method to separate salt dissolved water?

    First News

    Try designing a postage stamp to encourage others through this COVID-19 crisis. Take a photo of your stamp then email it to the address above.

    Buenos Dias! - Good Morning (in Spanish)

    Story time - The Huge Bag of Worries

    Equivalent Fractions

    Poetry - Reading Comprehension

    Expanded noun


    Coconut multiples

    Fabulous Fitness Fun

    Keep fit! Join in with Joe Wicks daily P.E. lesson 9 am Monday to Friday.