Beormund Primary School


Beormund School has established a curriculum that encompasses both the National Curriculum and the specific needs of each individual child at the school.

The school evaluates each young person’s individual needs and creates learning opportunities that supports their learning requirements.

The school curriculum offers all children the opportunity to learn and to undertake experiences through a range of activities. The curriculum is based on children having the confidence to achieve at a pace and level that meets their needs, which is suitably challenging, engages them in learning and is delivered with purpose and rigour by our staff.

The National Curriculum and a commitment to family and community, partnership in the learning and teaching process, underpins our curriculum.

At Beormund the teachers are given freedom and flexibility to allow creativity when studying the foundation subjects.

Planning is driven by the Science and Humanities curriculum, ensuring coverage of key skills and driving a broad range of objectives.

After deciding on the foci, teachers are able to draw from a wealth of resources from the school’s Creative Curriculum.

Topics are created during staff meetings from all members of the class groups. Teaching and Learning Assistants then look to create resources and display materials to promote the topic. Teachers work closely with the admin team to book inspiring Enrichment activities to compliment the learning in class and a hook is devised to capture the imagination of the children when launching the topic.

Please keep in touch with the school should you feel your child is struggling or needs more challenge – let us know.

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